Hi, I’m Rachel, a native to the Puget Sound area and a wine enthusiast. I also love cats.

I first became interested in wine while finishing college in Eugene, Oregon and was introduced to a very special Pinot Noir... Knudsen Erath 1983. It was love at first taste, and since then I’ve enthusiastically learned to appreciate all types of wine.

I now have the great fortune to live on one of the most beautiful spots on Earth… Whidbey Island, which also happens to be the home to eight wineries and three distilleries that I would love to introduce you to.

After gratefully caring for my mother after a major stroke until her passing last year, my hands were severely damaged. This meant that returning to my previous career was not an option and my desire was to create something that I would LOVE doing instead.

So, I combined my love for Whidbey Island, my love for wine, and my love for people into Whidbey Island Wine Tasting Tours.